This website is dedicated to the presentation of the History of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.The University of Athens was founded in 1837 and you can assess a brief account of its history here.
The History of the University of Athens is represented through a Timeline, which contains information regarding the first one hundred years of the University's operation (1837-1932), by academic year, and based on the Rector Speeches made at the Rector inauguration ceremonies, which have been digitized and are available through the Athens University Historical Archive, as well as important exhibits, available at the Athens University History Museum and the relevant website.
This particular period of University History is divided into three sub-periods (Othonian University period 1837-1862, National University period 1862-1911 and National and Kapodistrian University period 1911-1932), based on the changes of its organizational structures.
Through the Timeline presentation, interconnections link vast digitized information, from both the Historical Achive and the History Museum of the University of Athens.
The "Concepts" section provides information for people and constitutions of great importance to the Athens University, as well as related exhibits.The biographies of prominent professors contain explicit information.
The interactive applications offer a more vivid experience through the interaction with puzzles and games about the University History.